Our Principal

Welcome to Buckley Park College


At Buckley Park College I am so proud of our students and their many varied and wonderful achievements. Every day the students of our school learn, work and play in harmony to create the vibrant, creative and highly-focused learning culture that establishes Buckley Park College as an outstanding, truly successful and proud Victorian State College.


At Buckley Park College we have worked together to capture an important message in our school motto: "Build Your Wings". Implicit in these three simple, yet powerful words is the principle on which our school is based: that each and every student can and will learn; they will succeed and they will flourish with positivity.


There’s a spirit that permeates our school. This is a spirit that’s connected to our College values. It’s a spirit which fills Buckley Park College with a sense of real pride in our school, pride in our achievements and pride in each other. I sense this spirit of pride every day; it comes from our students, from our staff and from our families. It’s a spirit which we nurture and are committed to enhancing more and more.


Each of our students will develop, learn and grow intellectually, physically and emotionally during their time here with us. Once they’re truly ready to leave the security of this environment and fly off into the world, they do this safe in the knowledge that, whatever their unique pathway, they will be ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing, complex and daunting world.


Students are at the centre of all that we do, say, plan and decide. We are committed to knowing our students as unique individuals and to working in close partnership with their families. We are committed to providing a rigorous, student-centred, engaging curriculum and a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities. We are committed to seeking out, listening to and acting on the voice of our students.


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Buckley Park College community; our outstanding local school.


Nathan Chisholm