Performing Arts Centre- Redevelopment Fund


Dear families and community, 

Work Has Begun!



The PAC Redevelopment – Building Commenced This Week


We’ve been very excited this week to see the beginning of our major building project for 2017 – the PAC redevelopment project.


This project has been several years in the making and as we fenced off the building on Monday morning and the bobcat arrived, we could feel a sense of anticipation in the air.


We’ve been working on this development project for the past 2 years and it’s a project that we’ve had to raise the funds for ourselves. We’re now well on the way and while we’ve still got a way to go to ensure some amenities, like air-conditioning we’re able to progress the project this term and it’s so exciting.


At this time of the year, as families are paying your school charges, please do remember the voluntary, tax-deductible College Building Fund –, every cent flows to the PAC redevelopment project!


The School Council suggest a $100 per child contribution from families – if we received that, we’d air-condition the PAC and every other classroom for our kids this year. That’s how important that fund is.


When completed, the PAC redevelopment project will transform our old, tired space into a substantially bigger, modern, flexible and well-appointed teaching, learning and community space. The building itself will be a feature of the school and will greatly improve the appearance of our school as well.


Below is a ‘before’ shot….we can’t wait to show you progress and ‘after’ shots too!

Yours sincerely,


Nathan Chisholm


Building Fund Flyer

PAC built in 1963