Principals Report August 2018


Thanks to all for the warm welcome I’ve received. It’s been great meeting the BPC community over the last four weeks.


School Review Report & next steps

Our School Review report, completed in term 2, identified key areas of focus for our next four years. Much of this revolves around our need to develop a Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum (GVC). Here are two definitions of a GVC…


‘A guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC) ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to learn (OTL). Each student will have access to an effective or highly effective teacher, and access to the same content, knowledge and skills in each section or class.’ - Marzano


‘A “guaranteed” curriculum is often defined as a mechanism through which all students have an equal opportunity (time and access) to learn rigorous content. This requires a school-wide agreement and common understanding of the essential content that all students need to know, understand, and be able to do. The word “all” needs emphasis; a guaranteed curriculum promotes equity, giving all children equal opportunity to learn essential content, and to provide this opportunity, curricular materials and instructional approaches must be grounded in research, implemented with fidelity, and must include vertical as well as horizontal alignment. Curriculum development is often regarded as a DET function. However, schools (through teachers) implement the curriculum, and, if implementation varies significantly from teacher to teacher, then student outcomes will also likely vary significantly from classroom to classroom. These days, teachers have access to a variety of curriculum resources, such as open educational resources, playlists, digital textbooks, and teacher-developed curriculum. Having access to options is a good thing, but having many choices does not ensure all choices are well aligned to the school’s GVC.


For a curriculum to be “viable,” there must be adequate time for teachers to teach the content and for students to learn the content. A viable curriculum eliminates the supplementary or “nice to know” content. Does this mean that a GVC is a scripted, rigid curriculum? No! Does this mean that students and teachers are confined to a lockstep process of teaching and learning? Absolutely not! Teachers must have the flexibility to meet student needs through different methods of content delivery, helping students dive deeper into their passions. At its essence, a GVC represents the core non-negotiables of student learning. It’s what schools and teachers commit to providing for all students. – (McRel Leadership)


A GVC is documented, online and accessible 24/7 to student and parents. It uses the latest technology to ensure this accessibility. A GVC gives order to a school’s teaching & learning, it enables teachers to collaborate effectively and most importantly, it gives our students a clear path to their learning.

As we develop our new School Strategic Plan, we will work together to deliver the GVC@BPC.


2019 Enrolments

It is anticipated we will have approximately 1000 students at BPC in 2019 meaning spaces will be limited. Priority is given to families for whom BPC is the closest school to home.  


Parent Opinion Survey…Student Opinion…Staff Opinion

Our 2018 Parent Opinion Survey is currently underway. Students have completed their survey and staff complete theirs from late August. The data we obtain from the surveys helps us plan for our future.



The transition to the revised cleaning approach undertaken by DET has been problematic for many schools. You may have read about this in the media. At BPC we have got through relatively unscathed…this is largely due to Assistant Principal Geoff Currie’s work in ensuring our school is kept clean. Our new cleaners have now settled into their work.


Michael, Geoff & Craig

Principal team

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