Year 10 Central Australia Camp 2018

Our humble journey began at 6 in the morning on the 21st of June. Everyone was absolutely exhausted due to the fact that we were roused at unfathomable hours and yet we were all excited for our trip to Central Australia.


After a brief bus ride, where most people tried to sleep for the extra five minutes, we arrived at the airport and began preparing to board the plane. We managed to get through security on both ends without someone getting arrested, though those who didn't get the memo and packed their cutlery in their carry on luggage lost a knife. Then we officially boarded the plane and our trip began. 

A bus trip lead to the campground, our accomodation for the next two nights. Everyone managed to set up a tent and we went about our business until it was time to head up to Uluru to watch the sunset.  We all milled around a bit and of course took a bunch of pictures together in front of the big ol’ rock, the site that everyone was here to see. It was incredible to see the change of colour as soon as the sun set and shortly thereafter we headed back to camp. 


The next morning we were promptly jolted awake, at a time far too early for teenagers, to go and see the sunrise over Uluru. Its was just as gorgeous as the sunset, the only difference was that half of us were in our pajamas.


It was also the day of our first hike. As much as we groaned and as puffed out as we became, it was a really enjoyable experience. It was a great time to joke around with friends and take pictures. There were many marvellous sights to see as we toured around the incredible Kata Tjuta.  After the walk around Kata Tjuta we stopped off for a base walk around Uluru. It was here that we got to read about the many cultural significances that Uluru has to the indigenous people in the area. We were also able to witness the fantastic sight of Uluru up close, which was a delight upon our weary selves. It was a welcome walk, as it was completely flat, unlike the hike on which we had just been.


We concluded the night with a campfire, something that we were all grateful for as it was dastardly cold in the night. Naturally we had a singalong and marshmallows and delighted in seeing our friends’ attempts to cook them ‘just right’.


The next morning we were up again at another unbelievable hour. That morning was tough as we had to get our stuff packed and we had to put away the tents too. Eventually we got everything done and we were on the road again, this time to Kings Canyon.  As we had packed up so early we got there just before lunch time. This gave us enough time to sit down and relax before lunch and our walk. This walk was much less strenuous, however there were certainly some specific areas that some found to be challenging. This walk was just as beautiful as the last, however it was a bit longer than Kata Tjuta. As the scenery was beautiful and the walk less strenuous, we didn’t really mind the long walk.


The day after was the beginning of our time in Alice Springs. This was our home away from home for two more nights. Here we got to explore the town and had many tours, including the Reptile Centre, The School of the Air, The Royal Flying Doctors Service, a trip up Anzac Hill and trips out of town to Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm.



All too soon our trip home commenced, first stop, Coober Pedy. Here we had an opal tour and got to sleep in an underground cave.  After this we boarded the bus for our 24 hour trip home. Many of us were tired and cranky and got no sleep that night. 

Overall year 10 camp was a splendid experience. We were able to get closer to our current friends and even made some new ones.


By Astrid Write and Indie Lang

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