The View from VCAL

So far, through the early months of 2018 the Year 11 VCAL class has done many great things.  This has included the VCAL Big Day Out, which included both the Year 11 and 12 classes. The purpose of this day was to help students and staff get to know each other.  We completed activities that the Year 12s designed for us - everyone was an active participant and enjoyed the day.


We also travelled out to Lara where we went to the Magoneet Correctional Centre, which is an all-male medium security prison.  There we spoke to five prisoners, heard their stories, and were able to ask a range of questions like “what do you eat” and “what do your days consist of?”  We were able to see pictures of where they live and the sort of activities they do.  We also spoke to the guards who told us what happens in case of an emergency and how things go on a day-to-day basis.  This was an interesting experience that gave the class insight into an unfamiliar topic.


In March, the Year 11 VCAL class completed the barista training course at CBD College just off Bourke Street.  Here we gained nationally recognised certification as trained baristas, which has allowed us to begin working in the VCafe.  The VCAL class have a vision of eventually creating a space that is only for the VCafe, like a permanent pop-up vehicle, that all students and staff are able to enjoy.  Make sure that you support the VCafe through either purchasing a hot drink or a piece of cake on Tuesdays at lunchtime to help make this happen!


Mimi French-Wright

Year 11 VCAL


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