Positive Education- VCAL partners with the local community

The Year 12 VCAL students have partnered with community organisation Anglicare to learn about supporting disadvantaged communities. Anglicare volunteer, Garnet Johnson, invited the VCAL class to visit Anglicare in St Albans to learn about how disadvantaged people are supported in the community.  This excursion took place on May 7.  Students were able to see the whole operation from registering of clients to food collection.  This was a great experience, as it gave all students a first-hand experience in understanding that many different kinds of people experience financial challenges and sometimes need community help.  Here is Garnet addressing the VCAL students in the foyer where clients meet with volunteers.  Garnet also provided students with some background about the clients, before students were able to see how the whole service works.

The VCAL students are now planning fundraiser projects to support the development of a foodbank in Essendon at St John's church.  This is a smaller operation than the foodbank in St Albans, although it will run in a similar way.  The fundraisers student teams are planning are:  a staff car wash, casual clothes day, sausage sizzle, food drive, tampon and pad drive and ice cream day.  Parents and students will be invited to support this cause by VCAL students, as they get their project going.  The VCAL students are currently developing a marketing strategy to get the whole school community involved.


On the evening of May 7, VCAL ambassadors Zara Cardamone and Brandon Cross, presented at the Rotary Club of Keilor East to ask for the club's support with this VCAL community project.  They did an outstanding job of representing the college and VCAL. Here are the students photographed with Rotary president Ginnie Billson and me (Athena Vass, Positive Education leader).

What does the research say about giving to others?

Researcher Barbara Fredrickson (2009) has found that engaging in acts of kindness and altruism, as well as exploring and applying your strengths can improve your wellbeing and support you to flourish.


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