Positive Education Update- Term 1 2018

As the new Positive Education leader at Buckley Park, I have been thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment by staff and students around the delivery of the Positive Education curriculum. In Positive Education classes, Years 7, 8 and 9 students have been exploring their values and investigating character strengths in themselves and others.  The assessment for semester one will be the student workbook.  We will be developing additional assessments for Semester 2, as we work together to develop a strong curriculum which is evidence based.


I have had the pleasure of seeing students doing their own presentations on values-they were very impressive.  Here are students in Mr Hallinan’s, Ms Tran’s and Mr Brittain’s classroom.





The building and enhancing of character strengths not only reduce the possibility of negative outcomes for people, but are important in their own right as indicators and causes of healthy positive lifelong development and thriving.  Using one’s signature strengths has been shown to increase happiness and decrease depression.  The latest research on character strengths can be further explored here http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Research/Character-Research-Findings



LATER YEARS have also been planning activities for senior students.  In the last week, the Year 12 students have had Psychologist and Researcher, Maria Ruberto, start a series of workshops on the neuroscience of anxiety.  Students have been exposed to the physiological impact of stress, and the Later Years team is now planning a follow up session to support students to develop healthy practices during their very demanding year of study.  Many thanks to Year 12 coordinator, Mr. Garrett, for leading this work.




VCAL students are also connecting with Anglicare and Keilor East Rotary Club to develop a humanitarian project which will benefit the community.  Developing empathy, gratitude and optimism as strengths, have also been shown to improve our wellbeing.  More to come on this project as it develops.  Thank you to VCAL leader, Ms Vargas, for working closely with Anglicare to get this started.


Finally, we have started to look at rebuilding the Positive Education section of our college website.  The Buckley Buzz team have also managed to muster up some great student led projects in Positive Psychology...we will keep you posted about these projects.  Many thanks to Ms McHenry for collaborating with me and the students to make wellbeing more visible at Buckley Park College.



Athena Vass

Positive Education Leader

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