QandA Year 11 Politics Excursion #MeToo

Back Row- Allan Thompson, Milanka Panic, Indigo Lang, Zafer Ograk

Front Row- InBeom Park, Ulysses Reid, Isabelle Orosz, Sarah O'Connell, Noah Gordon, Nicholas Leppan

QandA Year 11 Politics Excursion #MeToo


Last Thursday, on the 15th of February, our Year 11 Politics class embarked on our first excursion of the year, we were off to be a part of the live studio audience of the ABC politics question and answer show; Q and A.  To say we were all excited was an understatement.  Since the beginning of the school year, we had been watching the weekly episodes of the show, and with our blazers on, we were set to be a part of a special episode on the topic of #MeToo.


#MeToo has been an issue for a number of years, but most recently spread virally throughout October of 2017.  It has been used as a hashtag on various social media platforms in order to help demonstrate the true extent and importance of realising the issue of sexual assault and harassment, primarily looking at cases in the workplace.


The aim of this special edition of QandA was to have many broad opinions on the panel on this topic and to get a wide range of perspectives.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, Charles Waterstreet, a famed NSW barrister who had recently had sexual assault accusations against him withdrew from the program.  While his perspective on the issue of #MeToo may have been controversial and a potentially unpopular opinion, it was our unanimous opinion that it would have been more interesting to have a more diverse range of opinions expressed within the panel.


In the end, the panel looked like:


Virginia Trioli - She was the host for this episode and is a journalist, reporter and news personality as well as being the author of Generation F: Sex, Power and the Young Feminist.

Isabella Manfredi - An Australian singer, songwriter and musician who recently revealed the harassment and generally unfortunate experiences that she has been through being a part of the music industry.

Josh Bornstein - An employment lawyer at Maurice Blackburn who frequently represents women who have been through sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Janet Albrechtsen - A leading journalist for The Australian newspaper. In this discussion, she brought a slightly more unpopular opinion to the issue.

Catharine Lumby - She is a Professor of Media at Macquarie University as well as a researcher for large corporations involving sport in Australia. She works to educate people, both young and old about sexual assault and harassment.


The experience of being in the audience of a show dedicated to questions of politics was a special experience.  Furthermore, the discussion from our group on the journey home, really helped each one of us further establish our views not only on #MeToo but also on the impact of the media in political discussion.  We also witnessed the opportunity of our Politics teacher Mr Ograk, where he was one of the handful audience members to ask the panel a question on the subject matter.


I can honestly say that it was a great experience that gave me a greater insight into just how the differing opinions of various personalities in politics can have a major impact on decision making and how an issue is portrayed.


Isabelle Orosz (10G)

Watch the show below.

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