Principals Report 2018

Welcome to 2018.


I couldn’t be more pleased with how the year has started at Buckley Park College.


Students and staff returned from their break with energy, willingness and positivity. There is such a great buzz around our school and with new subjects begun, new students settling in, school photographs next week and the House swimming carnival the week after, we really have made a flying start to the new school year.


As we begin 2018, we extend a very warm welcome to the many, many new families and students who have chosen Buckley Park for your child’s secondary education. I know you’ve made the right choice for your child and I know that you’ll have this choice affirmed consistently throughout your time here with us. We’re so pleased to have you with us.


I also say a very warm and special welcome to each one of our Year 7 students too. What a great start to the 2018 year our Year 7s have made. If you have a son/daughter in Year 7 please reiterate to them how pleased we are with the way they’ve begun their time here at Buckley Park. They’re doing a fantastic job!


I look forward to seeing you at our Year 7 BBQ on Wednesday February 21.


Our staff are engaged in intensive work to push ahead with our improvement agenda and to ensure that we are on track toward continuing to meet our strategic goals and targets. In 2018, we’ll continue to focus on our aim that every student in our school achieves minimum of 1 year of learning growth for 1 year of teaching. That is our commitment.


This year is a formal year of school review too, a process that begins with a rigorous self-evaluation and results in our new Strategic Plan 2018-2021. This is a major part of our 4-year improvement cycle and I’ll be seeking community involvement more than ever as we do this work this year.


It’s an exciting time to be at Buckley Park College.


New staff, as with new students and new families, bring so much to our community – different ideas, energy and personality. I’m delighted to introduce our new staff in 2018.


Leading Teachers


James Stevens                  Later Years Sub-School Leader (PE)


Athena Vass                      Positive Education Leader (English)


Chris Dunn                        College Daily Organisation/Timetable/Systems (Maths) 





Zafer Ograk                       Legal/Politics/Humanities


Matthew Lovell                  Accounting/Business/Humanities


Anna Feery                        Art/VCD


Thomas Langan                 German


Katrina Palumbo               Japanese


Joel Smith                         English/Humanities




As we begin 2018, it is worth reflecting once more on the outstanding successes of our students as we concluded 2017.  Last year we were all so proud of our students and what they achieved. At Buckley Park College, we celebrate all student successes – sometimes that a remarkable ATAR of 99.5 and sometimes it’s a student securing a carpentry apprenticeship after their VCAL certificate. It is their personal pathway that truly matters most.


In terms of VCE outcomes, last year we improved in all aspects of our results, as compared to 2016. There were many, many truly outstanding stories in the 2017 results.   I was (and still am!) so very pleased. 



Here are just a few of our truly wonderful highlights from the 2017 Year 12 students’ results:


Our top ATAR = 98.9


Percentage of students with ATARs over 90 = 21%


Percentage of students with ATARs over 80 = 37


Number of students with ATARs over 70 = 73


Percentage of students with ATARs over 70 = 50


Percentage of study scores over 40 = 8.8%



As we begin this new school year together, we should all feel proud of our school and the achievements of our students. The staff team and I are deeply committed to their success, their learning and their wellbeing.




Last year we had a great year and I’m confident that 2018 will be even better!




Nathan Chisholm



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