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Welcome to Term 4, the final chapter of a wonderful 2017 together. I am so proud of the achievements of our students and our school. And in 2017 there is still a way to go with many, many more achievements to be celebrated along the way.


The End of an Era – ‘Go Well, Year 12s.’


Next week at school will be a celebration as we farewell our graduating class of 2017. We have planned a celebration breakfast for our Year 12s on Tuesday morning, followed by their final General Assembly later in the morning. As we always do at assembly we’ll celebrate their many VCE and VCAL successes and the different ways that these students have contributed to the life of our school.  


Next week is the culmination of classes and a time to reflect on 6 years of schooling. Next week is also the start of the final chapter in their schooling story.


On behalf of the whole Buckley Park College community, I congratulate our Year 12 VCE and VCAL students and I wish our VCE students every success for their exams.


Go well, Year 12s.’


Our New Performing Arts Centre – The PAC


I am delighted to be able to write that classes have started to move back into the fabulous new Performing Arts Centre space that we’ve developed for our community. The building project went smoothly and I was pleased with the standard of work that was carried out.


The space looks fantastic! We love the statement floor feature and the size of the stage!


Even though we are able to use the new PAC space, there are still some final processes and finishes that need to be completed before we settle in completely. We’re yet to have all the electrical work completed, along with the appropriate data projector and speakers installed. These items are in progress and key Music and Drama staff have begun working to secure quotes for stage curtains and lighting bars. 


I hoped to host a formal opening evening in the new PAC this term, but we may now leave the official opening until the start of 2018, when we’re sure that the final touches are in place.


Certainly, there will be opportunity for families to enjoy the new PAC early in November as we open our Annual Art Exhibition on Thursday November 16. We warmly invite all families to attend this important occasion where we highlight our students’ talents in the Arts. 









NAPLAN 2017 – What do we do with the data? 


Late last term, families with children in Years 7 and 9 received their NAPLAN data for this year. I thought I would share some broad insights from that data, as well as briefly outlining how we analyse these results, reflect on our successes and commit to improve. 


There were some very pleasing results this year and generally speaking, some positive improvements at Year 9. We continue to have a considerable number of students achieving in the top two bands of NAPLAN results, which is great. We do also need to see more of these students making greater learning growth between Year 7 and 9 – this is our focus. 


When we received our NAPLAN data, the Principal team analysed this together and then we met with the Domain Leaders of Maths and English. In those discussions, we explore our NAPLAN outcomes and the implications for our classes and our teaching. We then take those conversations into the Domain team, and whole staff, level too. It’s vital that teachers explore this data carefully and honestly, always guided by the questions:  “what does this mean for my classroom practice?” and “how can we use this data to ensure we’re tailoring what we do accurately to improve student learning outcomes?”


At Buckley Park College, every time we look at achievement data we work from the mantra that ‘every number in a data set is a child who we teach’. Putting faces on data is vital. 



There were some interesting results at Year 7 too. We can’t truly ‘claim’ the data for good or not-so-good, as we’ve only had the students for 3 months when the tests are sat. We do however get a very good, point in time, picture of our new cohort. This year we’ve noticed the following patterns in our Year 7 outcomes: there were some truly outstanding results in Numeracy; we can notice a huge range of abilities in all test areas; we know that we’ve got significantly more students than usual for whom writing is a challenge, yet spelling is a relative strength. 


These are our students. The work together now is to focus teachers and teams onto how best to use this data to guide our practice and we are committed to doing just that.


The work of improvement never stops. It’s important that we celebrate our successes along the journey, be clear-eyed about the challenges and always ask ourselves, ‘how can we do this better next time?’ Our students depend on it.


Enjoy the warmer weather.

Nathan Chisholm


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