World Education Program (WEP) Australia are needing Volunteer Host Families


Hosting an overseas secondary school student gives Australian families the opportunity to share their life and culture with young people from around the world for a school year, semester or term. It is about discovering another culture, encompassing different traditions and practices, and supporting a new family member.


WEP host families are welcoming, curious and excited to have the opportunity for new experiences. They are people who would like to discover another culture, another way of life and traditions, and enjoy seeing Australia through the eyes of their exchange student. To be a WEP host family means offering this exciting opportunity to an equally curious and enthusiastic high school exchange student.

You will become a second set of parents to your student and they will adapt themselves to your routines and family rules. While hosting a student you will have the opportunity to uncover the little differences that exist between our culture and that of another country.

Over time, host parents find that they have a special place in the heart of the exchange student. Some students even come to call their host parents ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, whilst all are heart-broken when it comes time for them to return home.

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World Education Program Australia Ltd (WEP Australia) is an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit Australian student exchange organisation registered with the education departments in QLD and NSW and the Victorian Registration & Qualification Authority in VIC. Formed in 2001 in cooperation with WEP International, (which now has offices in Brussels, Turin, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Rosario, Rome and Oderzo), WEP Australia has enabled thousands of students to open a door to a rewarding and successful future through education abroad.